Plan & Packages

Instant Visual Access and representation to an attorney and four contacts in the event that you are pulled over or approached by law enforcement.

  • You will be connected with a Attorneys within 3 minutes of your interaction with law enforcement. Attorneys are available 24/7 for emergency situations.
  • Traffic stops are limited to two per month per household. Any service in excess of 2 will encounter an additional fee of $19.99
  • You can speak with an attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues to get legal advice.

Represent you in court

  • Your provider attorney can defend you in court and represent you in a range of legal proceedings.
  • Your provider attorney can make phone calls and write letters on your behalf to address legal problems.

Review Documents and Contracts

  • Your membership covers any personal legal documents up to 20 pages in length with no extra or hidden fees.

Draft Documents and Contracts

  • You get an attorney drafted Standard Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney plus yearly updates.