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The Black Hedge App has been uniquely developed by experts to cater to the specific needs of all individuals looking for instant legal help from experts. The video conferencing app aims to aggregate individual lawyers, law firms serving in the United States and Canada, and those looking for legal assistance. It provides instant legal support by connecting the user with the nearest lawyer, along with a couple of friends of yours.

The users will have complete access to experienced attorneys having both the skill and experience to handle all legal challenges.

The interactive UI coupled with cutting-edge technology and easy navigation will help you seek expert legal assistance in your locality in no time. All the attorneys listed on the app are top-rated and possess diversified experience.

The goal is to elevate the experience of all looking for expert assistance online, without charging a premium. The database is continuously updated so that each of our users gets top-notch legal assistance in every part of the United States and Canada. No problem if you are not proficient with English, as you can also speak in Spanish and French.