How it works

Ease of use is one of the key USPs of the Balck Hedge. The users can simply download the app and register by filling up the requisite details and granting the necessary permissions. Both lawyers and those looking for legal aid can register.

Anyone getting into some kind of trouble or an emergency can make a video call instantly. Three lawyers will get the ring in the location where the users need help. The call will last for 20 seconds and will proceed to the next one if not responded to. Whoever responses early shall be designated as the user’s lawyer.

  • Get the Registration

    Complete your registration steps to start using its video conferencing option, and get the best legal help from experts. 

  • Submit your details

    Once your registration step is completed, submit your contact information and stay connected for the best legal assistance. 

  • Activated instantly

    After you’ve submitted your contact information with registration steps, your account in the video conferencing app instantly gets activated. 

  • Get Started

    It’s time to start exploring its options and get the instant support of experts, along with stay connected with a couple of friends.